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2022 Wedding Trend Predictions

Much like any other industry we can make predictions about the upcoming year. I love to look at how the other industries affect my work and see how they come to influence it in time. So by looking at some other spaces, here are some weddings trend predictions that I can make for the weddings of 2022. 

Alternative Bridal Fashion

Wedding photography Taken From MKC 

Something that I have noticed recently is an inclusion in non traditional wedding dresses. With 2021 being the year of the postponed wedding days, many couples opted to get married privately and host a reception later in the year or the next. This meant it elevated some of the pressures of keeping to traditions such as a white dress. I predict 2022 will be more of the same, non traditional, funky and personal, finding outfits that reflect you and your relationship style. 


Silk flowers 

Taken From Fleur De Couture 

As a society we are becoming more self aware each and everyday about how we have treated/treating our world. Couples can spend thousands on flowers for their special day but what happens when the lights turn on and everyone heads home. Some flowers may be distributed to friends and family to enjoy for the next week or so but eventually they’ll wilt and the fresh blooms will be nothing but a distant memory. So why not try silk? Silk is a waste free alternative that is both more sustainable and affordable. I think we will be seeing a lot more planet friendly floristry this year and for years to come.


Outdoorsy Wedding Trend

Styled Wedding photography
Photography by Josh Morehouse Photography

According to Forbes both the pandemic and the threat of global warming has given humanity a new lease of life when it comes to getting outdoorsy. As the summers get warmer and for longer, woodland weddings are becoming more popular and I predict that 22 will be the year of the weddings under the stars. The pandemic has given us a great appreciation for one another and given us all a newfound love for nature so why not bask in the summer sun and get married in a local vineyard or nature reserve in 2022. 


Rented Guest Wear 

Posed Wedding Photography
Taken from Rocky Mountain Bride

With companies such as Hurr and Hire the Catwalk giving consumers a chance to hire statement pieces for an evening at a time, the world of designer has never been so accessible. Younger generations are opting for “buy less, buy better” or to one up themselves “buy less, rent better” renting outfits is highly sustainable and stops people from buying into fast fashion whilst still being able to flaunt new looks wherever they go. As a guest I know I always find it difficult to choose something to wear so I enjoy the variety that services such as these brands have to offer. 


2022 is currently still very new to the world so it is hard to know what the year will really bring, but take it from me. It will be amazing to see! Stay tuned at the end of 2022 to see if my new years wedding trend predictions were correct and to see which trend really rocked out this summer! 


If you’re getting married this year and want a little helping hand get in touch today. 


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