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How To Make 2022 The Most Romantic Valentines Yet

Valentines is indisputably the most romantic time of the year, couples young and old spend their evenings with their lovers, basking in the delight that is their life together. Each year the gestures get bigger and the love sparks brighter, so how can you spice up your Valentine’s this year? Stick around to find out……


Make A Valentines Bucket List 

Photography by Maxime Epain, Kylie Farmer, Katie Coon

Take the day to sit down and discuss your hopes for the future. Create a bucket list full of all the romantic adventures you want to take together by NEXT valentines. This activity gives you the opportunity to bond about your interests and create a spark by planning your lives together. Planning for the future shows your partner that you value your relationship and are willing to commit to them.


Recreate Your First Date

Romantic couple sitting at backyard and looking movie at home improved theater. Backyard is decorated with string lights.

Photography by Svetikd

I personally love this idea, not only will you have a memorable date, you will be able to reminisce on the time you have already spent together. By recreating your first date, you are able to show your partner that you pay attention to them and the things you do together, it also shows them that you care about the small moments. 


Take A Trip Together. 

One way to make the holiday extra special is to book a weekend away. City breaks have been on the rise for the last 10 years and this activity gives you and your partner an opportunity to escape your regular routine and spend some quality time together. Exploring somewhere new, builds trust between you and your partner and gives you opportunities to create wonderful memories together. 


Valentines Baking 

Cooking can be a fun and messy way to spend time together. I find that baking specifically, always brings out the playful nature in a relationship. Flour flying and sprinkles sprinkling, what could be more romantic than baking some heart shaped cookies this valentines. 


Learn And Explore Love Languages

Pink background with pink pie chart in centre, broke into 5 pieces.

Taken from Balance Media

Words of affirmation, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, Physical Touch and Quality Time. Each individual craves to be loved in one of these ways. As an individual we tend to express love how we wish to receive it. I.e. my love language is acts of service, so I tend to nurture my partner; cooking, cleaning, running errands for them. Rather than loving them the way THEY wish to be loved. Exploring and educating yourself on your partner’s love language will strengthen your relationship and build your romantic bond. When you have a good idea of the way your partner likes to be loved, you could plan a date to cater to their love language. 

Pop The Question 

Woman on one knee proposing to another woman. Stood in front of mountain landscape on Valentine's Day

Photography by Sukumani 

As we have established, there are many ways to make this Valentine’s extra special. Although I may be biased, why not push the boat out and get down on one knee this holiday season. The natural love that radiates from the day only sets the foundation for an extremely romantic proposal. Scatter some rose petals and buy a bottle of your partner’s favourite sparkles. Show them how much you really love them this year by promising yourself to them for the rest of your lives. 

No matter what you decide, 2022 is the year of love and good fortune, so spend some quality time with your best friend and make the most of the special day. If you are wondering how best to pop the question this holiday season, but not sure where too start then get in touch today. 


Happy Valentines….

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