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Wedding Advice for 2022 – What to Rent and What to Buy


Are you looking for some die hard wedding advice for 2022? When it comes to weddings, there are more expenses than you can count and obviously you want to save money where you can. There are many ways to cut cost but here is my definitive list of what to BUY and what to RENT for your big day. 

Wedding Gowns – Buy

Looking at wedding dresses and feeling your purse shrink can be a feeling we can all sympathise with. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding gown now is £2,439, this could make any bride quake. On one hand you are only going to use the dress for one day right? Therefore, why spend out all that money? Just for it to go under your bed or in an attic? I don’t think so………..Although, it has to be said, when it comes to choosing your gown, it is unlikely that you will find one off the rack that fits like a glove. Alterations will need to be made. My recommendation? Whether your budget is high or low there is always something for everyone. 


Wedding Decor – Rent 

Scouring the internet for a deal on the perfect pink scalloped chargers that you saw on pinterest, finally find them and then see the price tag…..OUCH.  You may find items cheap on facebook marketplace or stylists selling old stock, trust me when I say, you are not going to want all of that stuff piled up in your house after your big day. Not only does hiring decor save the extra space in your house, it also saves the extra time in your life. Sourcing everything yourself can be very time consuming to find and also to transport to your chosen venue. Hiring typically means all of your decor will be dropped off AND picked up with ease. 

Guest-wear – Rent 

Many companies now rent out amazing outfits from high street to designer. Realistically, you will go out and spend a bunch of money on a brand new outfit that you will never wear again, so why not treat yourself to some reasonably priced Gucci and leave a lasting impression.  One might think buying something off the rack is better in the long run, renting one off outfits is actually a much more sustainable way of dressing and doesn’t buy into fast fashion grabs. In contrast, if you are looking at buying something that you will wear over and over again then of course buying your outfits will be more cost effective over time. 


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